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Why Sustainable Seafood Important

Nukleus® Why Sustainable Seafood Important

Why Sustainable Seafood Important

The sea has always been a large source of food for humans ever since they came into existence. You probably have seen the image of fisherman using nets to catch fish out at sea in the Bible. Today, television programs that document the fishing of king crabs are also available. You might be more excited to know how your seafood being prepared after being caught. You can enjoy endless options of seafood, from lobster bisque to cedar plank salmon. However, regarding the current situation of our environment, you need to take responsibility and purchase sustainable seafood.


You might be curious in how practices of sustainability apply to seafood. In general, sustainability efforts aim to maintain, as well as conserve the supply of natural resources. If such resources are not monitored, they will eventually run out. When it comes to seafood, sustainability concerns the issue of overfishing that has long caused many issues for oceanic ecosystems. What further complicates the issue is that certain types of fish reproduce later than other types. Those that reproduce later are much more easily overfished, destroying entire populations of fish. Fish that reproduce at younger ages are more easily maintained.


When it comes to identifying what is sustainable seafood and what is not, usually the packaging of the product will inform you. Seafood products that are sustainably produced usually bear a seal from one of the several nonprofit organizations that certify producers. Such organizations have high standards when it comes to evaluating the practices of seafood producers. Sustainability is a highly scientific matter that requires observation and evaluation of oceanic ecosystems, thus being certified is not something that a company can get away with easily. By purchasing a sustainably produced product, you are doing a great service to the environment.


With the combined efforts of producers and consumers, in the future defining what is sustainable seafood will not even be necessary because all products will be produced in this manner. At present, Alaska is one of the top sustainable producers of seafood in the United States, offering the highest quality products to consumers throughout the lower 48. Do your part today by participating in the seafood sustainability movement.



It’s up to us to protect the planet. Check out the sustainability tips from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. Alaska’s fishermen have a long tradition of effective resource management to ensure that generations to come can enjoy fresh seafood.

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