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Holland Sustainable Practices

Nukleus® Holland Sustainable Practices

Holland Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is a long-term commitment, and sustainability in Holland, MI requires dedicated maintenance and management of the environment. The city takes sustainability seriously and has implemented a number of programs and projects to support sustainability in Holland, MI.

Holland has embarked on the Downtown Pedestrian Lighting LED Retrofit Program. The program will update its lighting systems to LED lights and help to reduce the use of electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. LED lights use considerably less energy than their metal halide predecessors, and the change will provide quality lighting while saving the city money.

The city has also retrofitted over 300 street lamps in the downtown area. The old metal halide lamps were similar to lights you may find in warehouses or at athletic fields, and the lights required a warm-up period to reach the full brightness level. Because the old halide lamps had a life of only 10,000 hours, the lamps required frequent maintenance and replacement. The new LED lights have an average life of 75,000 hours and are extremely energy efficient to operate.

Much of the sustainability in Holland, MI is covered in the City of Holland Energy Conservation and Efficiency Plan. Started in 2009, the plan has accomplished a great deal in the last three years. In addition to the downtown LED light retrofits, Holland has also installed LED lights in many traffic lights and at a number of public parking lots and public parks. An irrigation system was installed in Graafschap Cemetery to help with water conservation and efficiency.

To promote alternative transportation and pedestrian friendliness to cut down on the use of automobiles, the City of Holland has improved sidewalk infrastructure and built bike lanes on a number of roads.

The city also places a great value on trees and vegetation. The Parks Department planted over 80 trees in both 2009 and 2010. A street reconstruction project on 40th Street featured an additional 100 to 150 planted trees.

The action plan for 2012 includes more improvements and upgrades to promote sustainability in Holland, MI. Additional irrigation systems for parks will cut down on water usage and make watering more efficient. And, Holland plans to make city vehicles biofuel compatible or electric compatible in the near future.

This is just a sampling of the efforts for sustainability in Holland, MI. The leadership role that the city has taken sets an example for other cities and communities to follow, and benefits the long-term health of the community and the environment.

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