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We have heard a lot many times that the man is the social animal.  Very true, but then it becomes the duty of the very same man to save its surrounding social world or nature or the planet earth.  When we talk about saving the environment or planet earth the very first thing that comes to our mind is the pollution and the very most common and widely spread pollution found around is the plastic pollution.

Plastic bags or any plastic products are the most widely used by the common man.  Starting from morning to the night, plastic bags make its presence felt many times.  But, the question comes in our mind that why plastic products are so famous?  Plastic bags are flexible having great carrying capacity, resistant and can be easily stored or packed.  It has become the necessity of every human being.  However, we should not miss out the fact that it is the main cause for the pollution.  Plastics are non biodegradable substance.  It does not degrade and remains as it is for much long time.  It not only makes it toxic the soil but also makes it barren.  Many animals die every year due to accidental intake of plastic.  Cases of children dieing due to plastic bags are also reported.  Recently, plastic pollution became the major issue on the banks of holly river Ganga and many pilgrimage places also.  However, now the government has made strict rules in order to reduce its pollution.  People are made realized and restrict them from using plastic products.

Nowadays, substitutions of plastic bags are also available and the most widely accepted one is the paper bags.  Paper bags were firstly invented in China for storing and carrying medicines which then became famous in U.S, France, Germany and other countries.  Nowadays, it is used commercially as well as socially.  Paper bags are not only light in weight but also flexible and most importantly eco friendly.  Such paper bags are also being processed to make them resistant and increase their carrying capacity.  Paper bags are used widely in carrying vegetables or fruits, medicines and also chemicals.  Also those chemicals which were found to be reactive towards the plastic were easily packed and carried in the paper bags. Paper bags are not only inert but also harmless in every sense.  Not only the paper bags recycle bags, PVC bags and many eco friendly products are gaining attention of the people.  But the main thing is, to save earth and live happily, get eco friendly.

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