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Eco Friendly Homes, Residential Complex

Nukleus® Eco Friendly Homes, Residential Complex

Eco Friendly Homes, Residential Complex

Residential Properties in Hyderabad

The Green Projects Pvt Ltd is a flat promoters, debt-free company which means we have a strong financial ability to complete our residential projects on time. Green building is the first 55 certified residential project in the country, one of the first 2 truly Premium Green projects in Hyderabad. Residential Properties in Hyderabad, Modular Apartment Buildings, Multi Storied Residential, Luxury Flats in Hyderabad, Luxury apartment builders.Our landmark ventures dot the locations of prominence in Hyderabad and we were amongst the first to venture into Hitec City in Whitefield eight years ago and our commercial projects and the property developers have seen a high appreciation.The principal of the S&S Green Projects Pvt. Ltd is development of residential sector and commercial projects in Hyderabad. The Green Building started construction in Hyderabad and rapidly rose to be one of the premiere construction promoters due to its uncompromising commitment to the highest level of quality construction and its consistency in delivery schedules.The LEED /IGBC Pre Platinum Certified rating system is a very important and necessary part of going sustainable in the residential sector.

Green buildings are considered as high performance builders for modular apartments, flats, residential sectors and complex.S&S Green Buildings is young brand name in the construction engineering industry in Hyderabad, delivering highest value, the other projects of green residential buildings are modern villas in Hyderabad, the luxury flats in Hyderabad. S&S Green Projects Pvt Ltd has highly qualified senior professionals guiding the development of the company, the promoters who experinced in the building construction, contractor of flats, building, apartment and housing promoter, the senior promoters are involved into marketing and promotion of Green Building construction.

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Residential Properties in Hyderabad, Residential Complex, Flat promoters in Hyderabad, Building construction promoters, Modular Apartment Buildings

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