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Hanging Globe Terrariums: Your Eco Friendly Gift

Nukleus® Hanging Globe Terrariums: Your Eco Friendly Gift

Hanging Globe Terrariums: Your Eco Friendly Gift

Giving gifts are one of our ways to show our appreciation and some of the coolest things to give nowadays are environment friendly gifts like decorative hanging globe terrariums.  This kind of gift not only bring outdoor beauty indoors but it also exudes warmth in the idea that we care enough to give something that will make the person we present it to live in a more friendly and greener environment.  With so many kinds of gifts available for everyone now we know we want our own gifts to stand out and be remembered not just for a moment but for a lifetime.


There are different kinds of plant terrariums but nothing is more striking as the hanging glass terrarium.  These magnificent bubble terrariums can sway and dance in the air with attractive plants inside them.  The most common plants used for these hanging globe terrariums are air plants because they absorb what they need from the air through their leaves.  In this way one doesn’t have to water them as much and this make it more convenient and less messy.  Another great thing about the hanging glass terrarium is that air plants can tolerate wide range of temperature which means they can thrive during the coldest of winter or the hottest of summer. They don’t need direct sunlight and they can be mounted on a wall or can be hang from the ceiling so you can place them wherever you want them to be to get the optimum effect.  These wondrous air plants have a very vibrant flowering process since some of them produce red, pink or orange flowers even before they are full grown.


Hanging globe terrariums not only give joy but they can help express your creative side.  If you are using air plants you can actually put them in anything whether it will be sand or soil or small rocks and pebbles.  Others even use wood chips or coconut fibers or a combination of any of these.  The bottom line is this is a wondrous gift that you can personalize and can even represent a message.  Bubble terrariums are like your own personalized snow globes but instead of the snow you can put in plants and even inanimate objects to deliver the significance of your present.  These bubble terrariums are the best way to give anyone whether they have the green thumb or not because it’s one way of saying you care not only for the person you’re giving it to but also for the world they are living in.

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