Building A Sustainable Business

Nukleus® Building A Sustainable Business

by Jason Hargrove Building A Sustainable Business Have you ever watched the television series, The Apprentice? In one episode, each team was asked to create a business from scratch. The interesting thing is that neither of the businesses created were really sustainable. Why? Because each team set themselves up in a business that revolved around

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Eco Friendly Wedding Favors

Nukleus® Eco Friendly Wedding Favors

by Jason Hargrove Eco Friendly Wedding Favors Being green and environmentally friendly is top of the agenda at the moment across the world and it seems the need to be eco-friendly has spread to weddings too. Even if you don’t apply eco-friendly practices to much of your wedding, you can still give your guests eco-friendly

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Sustainable Landscape Design for Earth

Nukleus® Sustainable Landscape Design for Earth

by Jason Hargrove Sustainable Landscape Design for Earth April is National Garden Month and families and households across America are encouraged to begin xeriscaping, designing a sustainable landscape, or start their own garden or a community garden. Southern Californian residents are lucky to have such idea gardening weather the majority of the time and have 

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Eco friendly corporate gifts

Nukleus® Eco friendly corporate gifts

by Jason Hargrove Eco friendly corporate gifts Giving gifts is the practice which has been followed from the immemorial time. Gifts are given for different purposes and on different occasions, such as wedding, Christmas, new-year and Thanksgiving, etc. Choosing a gift is one the most difficult decision one takes in its life as the gift

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Grand Forks sustainable practices

Nukleus® Grand Forks sustainable practices

by Jason Hargrove Grand Forks sustainable practices Living sustainably has become a prominent lifestyle change over the last decade. Because of things like global warming, energy crisis’ and an overall increased awareness of the environment, sustainable living has picked up momentum and a large following. What does it mean to live sustainably? There are a

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European Initiates Sustainable Production

Nukleus® European Initiates Sustainable Production

by Jason Hargrove European Initiates Sustainable Production The European Machine Tool industry, represented by CECIMO, has launched a European initiative focused on sustainability: the Blue Competence Machine Tools initiative. The Blue Competence initiative (BluECOmpetence) is led by Germany’s mechanical engineering association, VDMA, with activities up to now centred on that country. The machine tool industry

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